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Open 24/7

The facility includes a1500sq. Ft. Functional gym space, and a 1500sq.ft. studio space.
Our services include: Bootcamps, group fitness classes, personal training, 24 hour access, and in the summer months, paddleboard and kayak classes. Our services are unique because our focus is making it FUN and enjoyable. We play games,  have competitions, offer fun classes, and laugh. We also pay our clients as an incentive. Our members get points for winning games and competitions, checking in, and reviewing the business on social media. Once they reach 10 points, they get $1 put onto their account.
My Mission: my mission is whole wellness. I want people to be healthy inside and out. I want people to exercise and eat right because they love themselves, and want to be healthy. I tell all my clients when I meet them that I don’t care how they look, but how they feel. I want to teach people how to live a healthy for a lifetime, not just while they train with me. Exercise effect so much more than just your body. it can help people with depression, anxiety, energy, and chronic pain. This mission is so important to my business, that twice a month we offer Sweat and support classes. these are free classes followed by a discussion (support group) for anyone who is going through a struggle (addiction, grief, depression, etc.) My passion is to make people happy, not skinny.
Our rates are:


Group classes:
  • single class: $10
  • 5 class pack: $40
  • 10 class pack: $75



24/7 Gym Access

  • VIP – $150/month – 24 hour access to the gym, unlimited YOUfit classes, unlimited classes, unlimited bootcamps, and incentives at local businesses.
  • Unlimited- $65/ month automatic withdraw -24 hour access to the gym, discounts on training and boot camps, unlimted YOUfit classes, and unlimited studio classes (this does not include Harmon classes or bootcamps)
  • Basic– $35/month Automatic withdraw-  24 hour access to the gym, and discounts on training and boot camps. YOUfit classes 10 for $50

Personal Training

Personal training: these are per session rates
  • Members: $25
  • non member: $30
  • in-home:$40


My Story: I start my own personal fitness journey after my second child (8 years ago) I stated doing group fitness. I then committed to a bootcamp where they talked about clean eating. I committed to doing whatever they said for the next 8 weeks of the program. Towards the end of the program I had realized that I had not had a panic attack since I started the program. that is when my life changed. this was no longer about losing weight, but about my mental health. I started doing research on food and fitness, and eventually felt the need to tell the word about all the things I have found out. That is when I decided to start my own business. I first just rented space to teach group classes, and did in home personal training out of my car. Jump forward a few years, and my life took a dramatic turn. the abusive relationship I was in had reach a head and was no longer safe for me and my boys (my boys are now 20 months, 8, and 14). After a divorce, a house fire, and moving into my moms with three kids, I decided since I was already at rock bottom, even if I started a business that failed I would still just be back to where I started, so I jumped in and gave it 100%. (Going through this is also a reason I wanted to offer sweat and support classes.) 
My 3 biggest struggles:
1. marketing and getting people in the door. (90% of the time when people come in, I get their business, but getting them there is the problem)
2. Cash flow: having enough capitol to be able to have a marketing budget.
3. getting people comfortable with a new concept. most people go to the gym and just jump on a cardio machine, and i do not have any machines at my gym "Don't use machines become one" is my motto. 
Here is the attachment to the article in Inspired Women Magazine


June 30th, 2018

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