You know that old expression “You reap what you sow”?  It is true and it works in business!  Helping others in small business is a good thing!  When you help other small businesses grow, yours will grow too!

Here is an example of something I did that grew my business in a huge way.  I owned a flooring store, where we did flooring, remodeling and more.  When a customer would come into my store and say that they wanted to update their house in order to sell, my first question was “do you have a realtor?”.  No, my first thing was NOT to say, ok, let’s go measure and give you an estimate!  Why?  Well, here is how it played out every time.  When they said they did not have a realtor, I gave them the business card of my favorite realtor and told the customer to call them first.  “Make an appointment with this wonderfully talented realtor, who has a great track record of selling homes, and ask her what you need to do in order to sell your home.  Then, when she gives you her recommendations, call us and we will give you an estimate for those items.  I do this because she is the expert at selling homes and she will keep you from spending money unnecessarily, and may think of things you may not.”

The customer would call the realtor, and after the appointment call us and let us know what projects to estimate.  We would do the project and she would list the house.  The realtor got every sale and so did I.  It did not stop there because these customers would tell their friends and the referrals were nonstop.  The other bonus was the realtor referred us to all of her customers!  Win! Win!

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