Being successful has different meanings for different people.  To one person it may mean making a lot of money.  To another person it may mean being a good spouse or parent. In business, bringing in a lot of profit may be what one would use to measure their success.

For me, success is being happy and living the life I want to live.  It has nothing to do with revenue, profit or how many houses I own.  Time freedom is another great success to me!  Think about it, what good does all the money do if you are too busy working to enjoy it?

Think about what success means to you.  What is your passion?  What would really make you happy? Once you determine that, apply it to your business.  Apply it to your life as well!

The most important thing is to know why you went into business in the first place.  What were those reasons?  Did you fulfill those goals?  There are so many reasons people start up a business.  Some of those reasons are never fulfilled and the passion goes away and so does the business.