Today I am going to use Twitter for a Giver’s Gain point.  I have noticed that there are a lot of people on Twitter that follow people just to get followers and then drop them once they get them to follow.  That is very selfish in my opinion.  In fact, when I see someone who follows way less than follow them, I think to myself “Do I really want to follow a selfish person/business?”  What will they ever do for me? Nothing. Exactly nothing.  They are in it for themselves and truly don’t care about you.  I think twice before following people like that.

So what should you do?  Well, first of all, Giver’s Gain, is just that, you get what you give!  So, choose the type of following you would like to have and start following people.  Unless they have something negative or vulgar that you don’t want to follow, don’t unfollow them after they follow you.  As I said, that is selfish and rude as well.  Then, start reading their tweets.  If you see tweets that are beneficial to your followers, LIKE and RETWEET!  Get the word out for your followers.  After all, isn’t that what Twitter is all about??  How can businesses grow if their information doesn’t get out to the world?  It can’t.  So help them!  The more you like and retweet, the more their business will get out and they will notice!  Trust me, they will notice and all of a sudden the unselfish people out there will want to help you in return!  You never know when something you retweet to your followers is going to help them.  What a great feeling to know that there are people out there you can help.

If everyone was more interested in helping everyone else, they would be so surprised to see how it comes back to them!  It is such a great feeling to help others and watch them grow, and at the same time see your business grow because you reaped what you sowed!